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Roses in a Box

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"Fall in love with our stunning roses in a box! Perfect for any occasion, these beautiful artificial blooms will bring a touch of elegance and romance to any room. Our roses are artificial roses and meant to last forever. Roses are arranged in a sleek, stylish box that makes for easy gifting or decorating. Order yours today and experience the magic of these captivating flowers!"

Each box is created differently with its own romantic charm. 

Roses in a Box - True Love 
The heart-shaped box, wrapped elegantly in 3” black and white striped satin ribbon, exudes a sense of classic romance, red satin ribbon adding a touch of luxury and elegance, making the box a perfect gift for that special someone. The perfect symbol of passion, romance, and True Love 

The Round-shaped box, wrapped with Black and White striped 3” satin ribbon and 1/8” satin red ribbon. The perfect symbol of passion, romance, and true love. These artificial roses are mesmerizing, luxurious and last forever. This product is also featured in True Love Series.

Roses in a Box -Kiss Me

A heart or round shape box wrapped with pink satin ribbon, filled soft pink hues of the roses are complemented by the sleek and sophisticated design of the box, that are a timeless gift that last forever. making it the perfect gift for any occasion.  This product is also featured in Kiss Me Series.

These rose-filled boxes are a true work of art, crafted with elegance and sophistication in mind. The box itself is made of a smooth and sturdy material, providing the perfect backdrop for the vibrant red roses that sit nestled inside. The box is then covered with a luxurious satin black and white stripe ribbon, giving it a modern and elegant feel. Round shape box is tied into a bow at the front, adding a touch of drama. The box is then accented with a red satin ribbon, creating a beautiful contrast and adding a pop of color to the overall design. This rose filled round box covered in satin ribbons is perfect for any occasion and sure to impress, making it a timeless gift.

Dimensions: Round-shape Box 

  • Diameter: 4 5/8"
  • Height: 3"

Dimensions of Heart-shape Box

3 1/2” L x 3 1/2” W  1 1/2” H

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