Frequently asked Questions

Tablescapes frequently asked questions:

Question: Can I change the color?

Answer: Yes, you will need to contact our lead designer to discuss changes you would like to see and additional fees may apply for custom designs.

Question: Do i need to assembly the kit? What is all involved with displaying?

Answer: No, the kits are fully assembled all you need to do is remove product from box and display. And enjoy time you save in decorating your amazing table. The Christmas Tree Kits will require assembly but you can schedule a lead designer to assembly fees may apply.

Question: Will my display look just like the pictures?

Answer: Yes, every kit comes with step by step display instructions. As long as you follow the display steps you will have the picture perfect display.

Question: Can i get someone to display the kit?

Answer: Yes, we can schedule a lead designer to come out to you and display the kit. You will need to reach out to our lead design for scheduling fees may apply and locations vary.

Question: Is this a one time use display kit?

Answer: No, this kit is created to last season after season. EHB provides sturdy boxes for easy storage to keep your display looking ravishing for many season.

Face Coverings frequently asked questions:

Question: How are the straps adjustable?

Answer: We have 2 types face coverings. One is fabric designed with ribbon straps that are connected to Velcro that is easily adjustable to give you the perfect fit. And can be cut to create the right length of your choosing. The crochet face coverings come with soft sliding temple sleeves retainers to provide the comfort anti-slip cushion for the perfect fit. 

Question: How do I replace the filter?

Answer: The fabric face covering has a Velcro seal that provides you with quick access to replace the filter. The Crochet face covering has a sewn in pocket that has an opening that allows you to insert and remove the filter.

Question:Whats the difference between the Fabric and Crochet face covering?

Answer: The fashion design is the only difference. The product provides the same protection. They both are made with 100% cotton, one is sewn cotton the other is fabric, both provide pockets for filters and have adjustable straps to provide the perfect fit.

Question: Are all the patterns behind the face covering the same?

Answer: No all face coverings backings differ do to available inventory. 

Question: How do i wash them?

Answer: All face coverings are machine washable. Wash with warm water with like colors. Do not bleach, tumble dry. 

Question: How do I sanitize them?

Answer: A 30 second Iron steam press will sanitize.

Question: Can I add a design to the face covering?

Answer: Yes reach out custom design department they can add any design additional fees may apply.