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True Love Series

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True Love Series

A symbol of True Love, the perfect Elegance in a box full of Red roses symbolize passion, romance, and true love. The perfect timeless series to tell someone “I love you”.

Series includes:

An adorable Teddy Bear candle that will fill the room with a warm and inviting scent, creating a cozy and romantic ambiance. The champagne glasses are perfect for toasting to True Love, while the rose filled heart-shaped box and long-stemmed roses add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary Valentine’s Day, engagement, Birthdays. or just want to surprise your True loved, the Elegance in a Box collections is sure to make a lasting impression.

9 Artificial long stem Romantic Red Roses Bouquet

A heart or round shape box wrapped with 4” inch black and white striped satin ribbon and 1/8” red satin ribbon.  filled with red artificial realistic red roses providing a timeless gift that last forever

2 luxurious Antik Fluted Champagne glasses

A wooden heart True Love sign decorated on both sides and romantic

Red rosé Teddy Bear candle with candle mirror holder. This spectacular

option to include 
include Black or Red Rose Teddy Bear

When ordering please keep in mind each item is and execution may differ with each item.. I take a great deal of time to complete each item with an immense amount of attention to detail… items may have slight variations but very closely resemble photos.

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