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Elegant Home Beauty

Creepy Pretty in Pink Series 400.H

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Creepy Pretty in Pink

Beware of Creepy Pretty in Pink this kit is gorgeous but frightening. Kit includes 2 white pumpkins covered with web like lace lifted by candle holders, a beautiful arrangement of pretty in pink floral leafs mixed with black croton leafs in a glass vase, a white ceramic candy bowl with a creeping skeleton hand holding the bowl (candy not included) Highlighting this kit 2 flickering candles battery operated (batteries included) and creepy crawler spiders climbing all over so beware.

2 white pumpkins covered with black lace

2 white wood candle holders

1 ceramic candy bowl white with skeleton print

1 vase with floral arrangement black Croton leafs and pink eucalyptus

2 flickering candles with 4 AA batteries

This kit can be combined with any additional pieces of Elegant Home Beauty’s Halloween collection. Nobody ever said you can’t bring in the scary holiday with a touch of elegance.


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