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Exposed and tested negative thank you EHB!!

I purchased a face cover and my cousin bought one from another company. We were both exposed she contracted the virus and I came out negative. Thank you EHB for creating an awesome face covering that provides the protection and being so stylish. I placed another order for 2 more :). One for my cousin and my mother. Can’t wait for them to come in.

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EHB face Coverings all the way!

I purchased a face covering for myself and then returned and purchased more for my family. I was a bit iffy at first comparing the price to all other vendors and decided to try one out and it was the best decision I made. The quality is top grade and you can tell it’s all handmade and designed to protect the wearer from the virus, It’s comfortable, it’s stylish and comes with a pouch!! What a great idea I never liked the fact to carry my mask just loose in my purse or in my pocket. Thank you EHB

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Nailed it!

I bought a face cover and worked with the lead designer Martha to add specific details to my mask and she nailed it . Love my face cover purchased a few others for my biker buds.  

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The perfect face covering

I purchase my first face coverings from EHB and it has been the best purchase I’ve ever made! I work with disability clients and have been exposed a few times to Covid-19 and my test continue to come back negative! Thank you EHB for creating such an amazing face cover that protects me and my family!

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